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The much-anticipated grand opening of Charlotte Bar & Bistro was a night to remember, filled with elegance, enchantment, and culinary delights.  Guests were welcomed with open arms as they entered a two-level heritage-listed building, where high-ceilinged rooms received a stately makeover.

Chef Hiroshi showcased his worldly culinary skills with a menu that featured traditional French dishes like Tartare de Boeuf, Signature Boeuf En-Croûte Royal, Tarte Provençale, and more.

Dessert was a sweet finale, with Charlotte à la mangue, featuring mango charlotte, coconut bavarian cream, and passion fruit coulis, leaving a lasting impression on all those with a sweet tooth.

To experience the enchantment of Charlotte Bar & Bistro for yourself, visit us during our opening hours. Book your table to secure your spot and have your own #CharlotteMoment.

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